"Christian Business Leaders is an organization focused on developing and equipping a Christ-centered community of leaders within the business school who embrace business as their calling, striving to be a light in our business school and beyond."


We accomplish our mission by:

  • Building relationships within CBL through committee involvement, mentorship opportunities, and social events.

  • Hosting guest speakers who are Christian business executives and entrepreneurs; thus, gaining faith-based wisdom in our professional development.

  • Cultivating servant leaders by serving and loving our neighbors within our business school, Baylor, Waco and beyond.


"CBL allows me to serve students of the business school in a Christ like manner while simultaneously learning about how to be a successful business leader. I've been able to grow in my own faith as well as learning from some of the best business professionals."

- Ben Breier


"I'm in CBL because I think it is so important to spread God's light throughout the future workplace and make an impact for His Kingdom on campus and beyond."

- Claire Poole


"CBL is a great organization where Christian business students can learn how to apply the example Jesus set before us to being a leader in the business world. Being a part of CBL has been such a great experience. I have learned so much on how to be a Christian leader in the business world."

- Kendall Simpson