Graduating Members - Spring 2018

We are so proud to honor two graduating members this year who have been very special to this organization, and both have undoubtedly made a tremendous impact on the organization that CBL is today. To see their full graduation speeches, check out the videos down below. 

Priscilla James


Priscilla was introduced to CBL by Rebecca in 2017, but was not able to join right away due to conflicts in her schedule. Priscilla was finally able to join this year and has had a fantastic time with the organization. She has especially enjoyed speaker meetings and answering tough questions that we discuss in groups, such as how we will show faith in the workplace. Priscilla took away that we should be ourselves, which is how the Lord made us, and also how to step up in leadership. Priscilla also enjoyed the progressive mixer because it provided her with an opportunity to get to know members in our group. She is looking forward to CBL exemplifying faith by reaching out to others. 

Rebecca Rodriguez


In her graduating introduction, Rebecca wrote: "In early January 2016, God invited me to partake in an extraordinary journey of faith with Ashley Rea and Ashlee Wooldridge to establish Christian Business Leaders in our business school. The mission of CBL is what captivated me - as a sophomore at Baylor, I longed for opportunities to talk about how my faith in the workplace could be used as a beacon of light with purpose, not just tucked under the rug. I believe the Great Commission is best accomplished not within a limited circumference of time, but rather in our routine life - day to day (aka in what we do). I want to maximize the platform God has given me within the world of business to share his name through the way I do things, the way I say things, and the way I respond to difficult circumstances. I believe my development as a result of taking hold of CBL's mission and owning it has given me reassurance that I'm not alone in the good fight we're called to live, has encouraged me to embrace the skills and talents God has given me, and empowered me to go out into unknown waters (i.e. ExxonMobil) and dare to show where my hope is found in my day-to-day work life. Thank you, CBL, for stretching me more than I could ever think or imagine! Thank you for letting me serve you these past two and a half years. To God be the Glory forever!"

To see their full graduation speeches, check out these videos down below.