Planning for the First Meeting

It's crazy to think that the semester is already in three weeks deep. Over the last several weeks, CBL leadership have been planning events and meetings for current and new upcoming members. One of the key major changes that CBL leadership has implemented is it's weekly all leadership meetings. Previously, only executive leaders would meet once a week. However, under the leadership of our president, it was decided that all leadership should meet weekly to speed up the process of communication among committees. 


Another key change this year will be that our weekly meetings shall now be moved to room 203 in Foster. We hope that the open layout of this room will encourage more interaction and community among members. We're excited to bring this minor change and see where it will take us. 

Please continue to follow us here to be updated on all things CBL. We would also love to hear any feedback or ideas that you might have for leadership. Don't hesitate to contact and of the leadership with suggestions, ideas or even criticism. We are so excited to have everyone back and we hope to see you at our first meeting!