Last Week in CBL #1

CBL Baylor kicked off this week with our very first meeting of the semester! Hosted in a brand new location (Foster 203), our meetings took on a different form. Clustered into tables, groups sat around and fellowshipped as individuals began to arrive. Our president started off the meeting with a prayer and then by introducing CBL and the leadership team. We then moved into a time of discussion as each leader paired up and led a group at various tables. The groups spent some time together discussing topics among themselves and got to know one another. It then moved into a time of devotion as we discussed 1 Peter 4:10-11 and Colossians 3:23-24. In 1 Peter, various groups shared about what it meant to be servant leaders, using the gifts that the Lord has provided for the service of others even in our careers. For Colossians 3:23-24, the verses that are at the core of CBL Baylor, past members shared why they believed that these verse are at the core of our organization. We then wrapped up with some announcements including our winner of the minutes competition. 

This week CBL heartbeat also held a worship night at Eliston Chapel. It was a great time of worship and praise through a stormy and rainy Saturday evening. We had our very own advisor, Priscilla James, who led the time of worship with Vanessa Turner and David Foo on music. With songs like "King of my Heart" and "Endless Love", Eliston Chapel was filled with praise. We ended the night with a great song of celebration - "Glorious Day". 

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