Christian Business Leaders is separated into committees that each help to uniquely serve and administer the organization. These committees focus on one of three areas: inreach, outreach, and marketing.



Inreach focuses on creating a community environment where members can encourage and grow with one another. Committees within inreach work to plan events that advocate fellowship, unity, and growth within members and the organization. Inreach consist of these two committees: 

Fellowship: This committee is responsible for organizing informal hangouts, social events, and activities for the purpose of community building among members. The events organized include, but are not limited to, social mixers with other organizations, intramural sports teams, dinners, and celebrations.

Heartbeat: This committee is focused on leading events that encourage members of CBL and general students from the business school to pray for the needs within the business school, Baylor, and beyond.  Heartbeat holds prayer mornings at our business school every Thursday at 7:30 AM. Other events organized by heartbeat have included worship sessions open to all, and prayer walks with CBL members around the Baylor Campus. 



Outreach focuses on creating opportunities for members to practice servant leadership to those outside of the organization. Committees within outreach emphasize on serving students and staff in the Baylor Business School and serving the greater Waco community around us. Outreach consist of these two committees:

Foster: This committee is focused on creating a positive impact throughout the business school. Members typically host breakfast/lunch meetings with professors from specific departments in the business school, promote CBL through booths set up in Foster, and many other events!

Waco: This committee is responsible for planning events to serve the Waco Community. This group is focused on identifying and organizing opportunities in which CBL members can serve and give back to Waco. Members have organized food drives within the Business School and have recruited other members to serve Waco through Baylor's Stepping Out movement. 



Marketing focuses on forming and promoting the collective identity of CBL. The committee is committed to becoming a creative asset to further the vision of the leadership team and other committees within CBL. Members are responsible for designing publicity strategies, content creation, social media, and physical presence on Baylor Campus as needed. Projects included are event promotions, live streaming events, merchandise creation, and lots more!

Marketing: The committee is focused on organizing promotional material needed to publicize CBL and it's events, around Baylor’s campus. Members spend their time utilizing our social media outlets, creating promotional visuals,  CBL’s website, recording events through video and photography, and so on!